What is a “Shlepzig”

Shlepzig is the pen name for Sam Blanchard an illustrator and cartoonist making independent comics, prints, stickers, apparel, a lot of things. I am writing and drawing my own comics as well as work for others. I do original art, fan art, anime art, whatever comes to mind.

My Shlepzig.Comics Instagram page is the first place where all my work goes up Click the gallery to see all my latest work and my archives there.

My Shlepzig.NSFW Instagram page is where I post figure studies and pinups as the name implies there are nudes there. It’s NSFW

Frequent draw sessions are posted on the Shlepzig Twitch and Facebook. Get alerted through my Twitter and come hang out while I draw.

Get a bit of Shlepzig for yourself.

I have come to the conclusion as an artist I still have material needs. I really need the support of others to keep myself in art supplies and creating the content you all love.

My books as well as prints, stickers and apparel are available on the Shlepzig Illustration Etsy Shop

You can subscribe to the Shlepzig Patreon and buy me a cup of coffee once a month to get regular access to high res images or sign up to get a care package each month from me.

International fans can get my books through my Author Page on Amazon/Kindle Print on Demand program so that shipping is considerably reasonable.

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