Interviews and Reviews

Coming Soon Aug 27 Indie CKRS Small Press Spotlight

The inimitable Eli Schwab of Cosmic Lion Productions and the Cartoonist Kayfabe Ringside Seats Facebook Group will be featuring the Shlep in his weekly Small Press Spotlight. I think you may need to belong to the group to see the video. If you love comics, it’s a must see place to discuss and learn about comics.

Pink Buzz Interview The Shlepzig Experience

Long interview with Graphic Vandalizm and the Pink Buzz Crew. Talking about comics and whatever else comes to mind.

The Comics Lounge Interview RED

Talking about Red my start comics and What is coming up next.

James Winsor Smith Review of RED

My buddy James from Outstanding Achievements in the Field of Excellence on Facebook Gives some time to a care package I sent him with RED and Of Boars and Bees.

Page through of Told To Tell [3T] #2

I was featured in 3T Told to Tell #2. Ray Carcases gives The Review That No One Asked For in a page through and lingers on my Characters inspired by the Rob Liefeld name generator Shadow Ice Strike.

Told to Tell is a semi regular anthology comic/zine focusing on some new and interesting creators very small print runs and totally worth it. Available for a short time from A Lone Stranger DM to order