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During the last comics club session the class was really focused on making covers and splash pages. These pages introduce a story concept and grab the reader’s attention. One of the kings of the splash page was The KING, Jack “King” Kirby. His pages were amazing and revolutionary to the comic world, bold lines and text and often in simple single point perspective.

Images property of Marvel Comics with special mention to the Kirby estate for his contributions to comics and the imaginations of young people.

These pages grabbed new readers and enticed old readers. Often the previous issue ended on a cliffhanger, and the Splash was meant to either reignite the excitement from the last issue or make a new reader want to go back and find out what happened that our heroes are in such a dire predicament.

Today’s project for the Virtual comics club is to make a splash page for your comic. The comic can be anything you want, and new project or a project that you have been working on. It can even be a splash page for a comic you are reading (what would a Dog Man or Captain Underpants splash page look like, drawn like Kirby would have drawn it). There are a couple of parameters:

  • Use a Single Point Perspective: A single vanishing point in the center of the page. This helps align objects that get smaller as they are farther away.
  • Think about your plot: How does this splash page get readers up to speed on what is happening
  • What are the most important items on the page? Words and Pictures, what do you show and what do you tell.

As before I am looking forward to seeing your creations, post them in the discussion below.. Pencil then ink scan the best.

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