Trapped at home with nothing to do

We are trapped at home collectively with little to do. I wanted to extend a helping hand through our comics club. I would like to provide some daily prompts and activities that will help the students understand visual storytelling (or sequential art). These are little prompts that provide a kernel of creativity to start a project.

Post comments questions and best of all results below. Our comics are best when shared with everybody.

The first prompt will be a comic to complete. Print it out and draw on the page. Scan or photograph it to post your results. If you have been through comics club once before you will know that using the pencil to ink method will be the best.

Remember the steps:

  1. Plan the plot. I have given you the start and end, fill in the middle
  2. Layout the page, what is the focus? What do you want to say with words and what to say with pictures.
  3. Then start drawing, pencil then follow with black pen and remove your pencils.
  4. Photograph or scan. I use my phone for most of my professional scanning.

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